Toxicity Of Colloidal Silver Products And Their Marketing Statements In Finland

Recent tests of modern colloidal silver products showed that they had no significant antimicrobial properties and left most bacteria unharmed . Colloidal silver is a suspension of small silver particles in a liquid. Silver compounds are used externally to stop or prevent infections, but recently many people have started using colloidal silver as an alternative medicine. It is promoted as a cure for cancer, diabetes and AIDS, although there is no evidence that it works in humans. Our body does not need silver to function normally. Silver actually denatures proteins and can cause many enzymes to lose their effects.

Today, silver is used in bandages for wounds, prostheses and burns. Recently, studies have investigated silver nanoparticles that can block the growth and spread of bacteria. These nanoparticles are wounded to help prevent infection.

They are afraid of losing money in the pharmaceutical industry. Taking money will not work because silver water kills the coronavirus. Parasitic fungus from bacterial viruses or micro-organism known to humans. It doesn’t matter when that germ was born in the caveman’s days or tomorrow he will kill it. Therefore, water disease will prevent and prevent suffering from people with disease.

In gastric ulcer patients, silver infusion substances were no better than normal wound bandages in recovery. Silver infusion substances applied in surgical places have been shown to reduce infection rates. To investigate the current availability of colloidal silver solution in a large online market, the term colloidal silver was searched for on June 13, 2014. The search yielded 2,286 different colloidal silver products. Products were limited to products that were only in the healthcare and personal care department, resulting in 1010 different products.

The results were limited only to liquid colloidal silver products, which produced 149 different products; only these impregnable liquid colloidal silver products were analyzed. Search results are ranked by relevance, not by rating. An in vitro 2016 study looked at the relationship between colloidal silver and immune parameters in leukemia and lymphoma cancer cell lines.

Colloidal silver can even be dangerous to your health. Anyway; in the talk show; a man said how it once was a week, where he ate no food but drank Colloidal Silver generator a lot of water. Now I warn you; I’m going to write something that may sound a little dirty; but I think it will be helpful to know this.

He spoke to his parents; ask them if they are at any time in their youth; A doctor gave you silver??. They said yes; once when you had an almond infection. He only had money once; and that silver remained in his body for thirty years! Now myself; BEFORE listening to this story; I bought a colloidal silver bottle.

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