Flange Guard – An Advanced Technology To Prevent Spray Outs

What is a flange guard? Do you know how it performs its function to give protection from dangerous spray outs? “No” don’t worry; the answer of your question is right here. Generally, in chemical industries, there are huge spray shields (USA) chances of explosion or spray out of acid, harmful vapors or many other chemicals, which are dangerous for your equipment and even for the life of your workers. To give protection to your industry and workforce, you should install spray guards, which are also known as safety shields.

They prevent spray outs by interposing a secure barrier between the chemical flowing and external environment. To make them capable of handling heavy pressure these shields are manufactured by using the material which provides protection from hazards or toxic chemicals. These are Teflon coated, which gives them the capability to tolerate harmful chemicals, heavy temperature and pressure rating within the piping system. This lamination provides tensile and burst strength to these guards. Flange guards manufacturers made it in different size, dimensions, grades or many other specifications, to meet the demand of different industries.

These are very easy to install and you only need to hook up tightly on the joints of your pipe to prevent yourself from leakages, or spray outs. It takes only a couple of minutes to install and remove as well. These are used in various pipe connections such as flanges, pumps, instruments, unions, expansion joints, valves of all kinds, pressure vessels, flow meters, elbows, clamps, and so on. The best thing about this product is that its patch changes its color and gives an indication of the presence of a leak, so, that you can take some actions before any big mishap occurs. Its overlap features prevent harmful spray outs. These are also good for your environment and helps in saving it from getting polluted.

This product is specially designed to give protection and highly recommended by the insurance company because it helps to contain the leaks until a pipeline can be isolated and also reduce the risk of an operator or plant damage. What’s more, are you waiting for? Before any explosion or big accident occur in your industry, go and buy this flange guard now. These are known for high durability, reliability, safety and many other features. These are available in different sizes, so, always check the size, dimension, model and another requirement of your industry before purchasing it.

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