An electric bike offers the chance to explore from a whole new perspective. The best electric bikes in the world come with the chance to speed up your commute or cycle around your local area and beyond without breaking a sweat. An e-bike can open up all sorts of possibilities. Today, you can even find some of the best electric bikes under $1,000.  Distances that might have previously seemed tough become easy with an e-bike. Plenty of 2020’s best electric bikes come complete with high-rise handlebars allowing you to tackle any kind of terrain or go off-road without having to swap wheels. There are so many reasons to invest in an electric bike this year. Perfect for commuting, these bikes can make the journey to work an almost effortless one and can, in particularly busy city centres, even be faster than driving. In London, the average speed a car travels is 7.4mph. It’s easily possible to hit speeds of 15mph on an electric bike, halving the time spent on the road. And that’s without having to bring a change of clothes. It’s also a great chance to squeeze in a quick workout. Many electric bikes allow you to switch up the power from a relaxing jaunt with top level of assisted pedalling to a building-up-a-sweat level of exertion for a new challenge. And, of course, it’s a far more sustainable option for getting around. More and more people are switching to electric bikes in urban areas to do their bit for climate change. Swapping from four wheels to two is an easy way to do just that. In a rush? Here’s our editorial selection of the top three best electric bikes available right now:

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