Destination Debt Freedom is the brainchild of Jackie Beck of The Debt Myth and Alan Steinborn of Real Money. Want more information? You can reach us by emailing contact @

About Jackie

Jackie Beck is a personal finance author and the creator of Pay Off Debt — an app that’s helped 46,000+ people use the debt snowball method to pay off debt. She and her husband have walked the walk by paying off over $147,000 in debt to become completely debt free. She loves travel, art, and photography, and especially enjoyed her trip to Antarctica.

About Alan

After traveling the world in search of powerful transformational teaching methods, Alan Steinborn learned a profound lesson. The most effective way to move forward, both financially and in every other area of one’s life, comes from acting from a position of self-authority. You take charge of your own development – everyday!

With this in mind, he created the celebrated social network, Real Money, a free online community where people get the information, financial guidance and community support needed to get great with their money and with their lives in general.